Conflict Management 

Conflict is everywhere and while it is a necessary precursor to developing alignment, cohesion, and freeing innovation, it can be quite uncomfortable. The team at DILAN Consulting Group is uniquely equipped to facilitate difficult conversations. As seasoned psychologists, we skillfully de-escalate intense disagreements, work to re-establish effective communication and focus on helping our clients to develop the insight and practical skills to independently manage current and future interpersonal challenges.  

Note: In addition to intervening with on-going conflicts, we also offer a two-day skills development program called Conflict Management is Self - Management that can be rolled out across your enterprise helping to promote an effective conflict management culture.

Client Outcomes

  • Improved overall communication and active listening skills
  • Better understanding of underlying issues
  • Improved understanding of other's perspectives
  • Enhanced self-management skills (anger, anxiety, and impulsiveness)
  • Improved knowledge and skills for managing conflict
  • Improved trust
  • A clear agreement on behaviors that will support effectiveness going forward


"Intense positive workshop. Helped to enforce productivity by reducing conflict, promoting communication, and understanding of challenges of change."

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